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Better Back Programme

Better Back Programme

Better Back ProgrammeThrough the improvement of postural alignment, movement co-ordination, muscle control and strength using a combination of retraining exercise drills and hands on techniques, this unique programme uses a structure approach to assess, fix and prevent recurrence of low back pain. The Better Back Programme is underpinned by strong medical research and utilises current scientific research to bring about proven results. In our opinion is the safest and most clinically advanced and evidence based approach to back rehabilitation.

What is the Better back Programme?

The Better Back Programme is a 3 month back rehabilitation course. Patients attend twice a week for the first fortnight, once a week for the six weeks and then fortnightly in the third month. The programme focuses on; Improving posture and spinal alignment, stabilising and controlling spinal segments, strengthening weak muscles, stretching tight muscles and freeing up stiff joints

We also assess and make recommendations on how to improve your environment to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Advantages of the Better Back Programme

  • No bulky or specialised equipment is needed apart from the easily portable pressure biofeedback cuff
  • The exercises can be done anywhere and anytime of the day
  • People can work at their own pace
  • The programme is aligned to the individual’s requirements and fitness level
  • 15-20 minutes per day is easily achievable even for the busiest people
  • Scientifically evidence based exercise rehabilitation – poor control of movement and muscle imbalance have been shown to cause of pain and recurrence
  • It is not a one size fits all approach or general non-specific exercise programme (as often taught in hospitals)
  • Individualised to patient requirements and goals

Back Pain

Benefits of the Better Back Programme

  • Improved long term outcomes
  • Reduced recurrence of problem
    Better outcomes due to treatment being a structure programme versus treat and see approach
  • Helps to relieve and resolve pain
  • Reduces stiffness
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Improved core strength and control
  • Improved confidence and wellbeing with far less concern about your back
  • Improved mental state
  • Less fear and concern about back
  • Improved sleep
  • More active lifestyle – ability to exercise pain freely and work productively
  • Better overall health
  • Fewer drugs/medication
  • Improved bowel function – due to decrease in drugs and increase in activity
  • Improved functioning
  • Improved work output

Why does the better back programme work?

Back PainWe know through current research that pain and disability is linked to changes within our movement system. Muscles often change in the way that they work when we are in pain and they don’t always revert to how they previously worked. Additionally we also know that during our lifetime through poor movement and postures we all have the tendency to develop imbalances within our muscle systems. These imbalances cause stress and strain to our joints and soft tissues.

The Better Back Programme addresses posture, short tight muscles and stiff joints, long weak muscles and something we call “Uncontrolled Movement”. This is achieved through a combination of hands on techniques, specific exercises, taping and reassessment using our TPM™ Active screening tool.

What should I expect from the Better Back Programme?

At your initial assessment we will establish your direction and area of uncontrolled movement using our TPM Active™ screening tool. We will work out which muscles are short and tight and which are long and weak. We will also assess your joints and see if you have any stiff bits that need work on. At the end of the assessment we will go through a plan of action with you explaining what we have found and how we intend to resolve the issues we have found.

Treatment sessions
Each treatment session will be a mix of specific exercise and hands on treatment as required. You will be expected to carry out exercise at home.

At your initial assessment we will set a review date. At the review date we will re-assess you using our TPM Active™ tool and compare your progress against the goals and targets set at assessment.

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