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Why Choose Sports and Spinal Physio?

The Sports and Spinal Physio Difference

Why Choose UsAt the Sports and Spinal Physio clinic all staff embrace and work to the same philosophy. This philosophy is based on sound scientific values and principles and puts managing movement at the heart of the matter and underpins our staff training and staff development, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of you. It enables you to be seen by any clinician at our clinic safe in the knowledge that what you receive will be the same type and quality of treatment regardless of the staff member. Our approach is what makes Sports and Spinal Physio different. We have the skills to treat the symptoms but identifying the cause that underpins the symptoms is what makes our approach different.

Musculosceletal Problems Causing Pain & Injury Re-occurance

  • Our unique screening tool the TPM Active™ identifies underlying musculoskeletal problems that cause pain and injury recurrence. In addition the TPM Active™ can identify the weakness that are causing your body to underperform during a particular sporting activity.
  • We work with you to provide structured goal setting that both parties agree on.
  • Through screening and goal setting we can plan effective treatment programmes that get you back to the things that you love doing- empowering you to take control of the problem.
  • Once you are back to your best we can track your musculoskeletal health using the TPM Active ™ screening tool and prevent you succumbing to re-injury.
  • Our aim is to give you a life time of wellbeing โ€“ taking you out of pain and beyond.
  • Please be aware there are no other therapies or types of movement based exercise (Pilates/Yoga) that can offer measurable data to identify, guide and track your musculoskeletal health.

Why Choose UsIn addition to the approach Sports and Spinal Physio prides itself on

  • Free Pre assessments โ€“ come to our clinic and meet us and see if we can help you
  • Online booking โ€“ book 24 hours per day
  • Early and late appointments available 5 days per week
  • Direct settlement with insurance companies
  • Multiple Services under one roof
  • IDD Therapy Centre – innovative treatment for spinal disc problems

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