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work related back and neck pain – causes and solutions

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work related back pain Work Related Neck and Back Pain 1. Why is back and neck pain one of the most common work-related injuries? Back and neck pain is very common in humans, back pain alone costs the NHS over £4 billion a year. The Spine is essentially an extremely strong robust column of bone that provides the foundations for our limbs to attach to. It is strong whilst also being highly mobile. Every task we do in life has a bearing on our spine and because one third of our day is at work, what we do is likely to impact on our spines – for some more than others.   2. What are some of the major causes for this? Modern sedentary work  – Office or driving This places the spine under sustained loads in poor alignment...

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Achilles pain – Tendonosis or tendonitis?

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From the physio couch – Achilles Tendonosis  In the clinic we tend to see Achilles problems on a regular basis. Quite often people are coming to us after many months of pain despite various treatments and interventions.  This week I (Dan) was interviewed for an online website one of the topics discussed was Achilles Tendonosis. With the marathon season upon us I thought I would share the transcript with you. 1. What is the Achilles Tendon and what does it do? The Achilles tendon essentially connects the calf muscles Gastrocneimus and Soleus to the heel bone. When the calf muscles contract the tendon points the foot down and pushes the heel and foot off the ground.  A good example of this occurs when we stand on our tip toes. 2. What is Achilles Tendonosis? A chronic (long standing) condition...

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Plantar fasciitis and heel pain

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A pain in the heel! Policeman’s heel or plantar fasciitis are the two most common names used for pain located in the heel. There are however several different causes of this condition that affects many of us through our life time. The most common is inflammation and subsequent wearing of the plantar fascia (a band of strong soft tissue connecting the heel bone to the toes) attachment to the heel bone, initially this is referred to as plantar fasciitis but with subsequent degeneration becomes plantar fasciosis. The second most common cause is inflammation of the bursa that covers the heel. This small sac of fluid can become swollen and painful and mimic plantar fasciitis. Other causes of heel pain include nerve irritation, osteoarthritis of the above ankle joints, severs disease and stress fractures. Ian Griffiths (Podiatrist) and Sharon Mumford...

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Headaches or Migraine with exercise?

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As this is our first blog I thought I’d start with an interesting story about a common problem occurring in an unusual setting. Last year we saw a young guy who was experiencing severe headaches after exercise. An initial feeling of tiredness overheating and altered vision towards the end of his workout was followed by a severe headache around his temple. The pain was so severe that he often needed to lie down for up to 14 hours to help alleviate the symptoms. Sometimes the pain would last for 3 days and prevent him going to work. On assessing him we found that his neck rotation to one side was reduced and accompanied by some discomfort. Close inspection of his upper neck revealed some asymmetry of the vertebra. In particular the second vertebra was being pulled to one side...

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