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Cruciate ligament injury – a story from the clinic

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From the Clinic: A torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament! Rob came to Sports and Spinal Physio on the recommendation of Mr Ali a local Orthopaedic Surgeon. While skiing in France in February of last year, Rob had twisted his left knee and completely torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee and additionally damaged some cartilage as well! After some physiotherapy treatment to reduce the swelling and pain, restore his range of movement and strengthen his muscles Rob was able to return to his passion, cycling. Unfortunately without the anterior cruciate ligament Rob’s knee was a bit unstable and likely to give way with sudden or twisting movements and as Rob is a keen skier it was decided that he would undergo reconstructive surgery to repair the torn ligament. Mr Ali repaired the ligament (using a section of his hamstring tendon)...

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