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Dr R De Silva Consultant Neurologist - Brentwood and London

Dan at SSP is the best physiotherapist in our area. He has developed a unique headache management programme which we are very fortunate to have in our area. I know my patients will be in safe hands and that they will receive a comprehensive and holistic assessment and will be treated effectively. I’ve had excellent patient feedback and a number of patients with previously intractable problems have been helped by him.

Belinda Dove Dagenham East, Essex

In Oct 2010 I was referred to Dan by Dr R De Silva as I was suffering from Coital Cephalalgia (Exertional Headaches).I had been suffering with these symptoms for many years and they had progressively got worse to the point where I was suffering headaches on a daily basis and taking pain killers far to regularly. Dan soon highlighted problems with my posture and restricted movement in my lower neck. After only a couple of visits my headaches had become less frequent and pain relief almost hardly used. After manual therapy and a tailored exercise program I had a very noticeable improvement in my neck movement and the headaches were far less frequent. My treatment is ongoing but visits are are less frequent. Dan has been very professional and explained everything thoroughly and in a caring manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dan to anybody in need of physiotherapy.

L Hedden Shenfield, Essex

I highly recommend Sports and Spinal Physio having experienced both physio and podiatry services in the recent past and also some years ago. Treatment service was excellent on both occasions and I was treated as a valued customer on my return visit.

Dr R Capildeo Consultant Neurologist - Brentwood and London

I refer to Sports and Spinal Physio because they provide excellent level of service and high level of patient satisfaction. They provide an excellent initial assessment to really under what treatment is required and how to measure progress.

S Eckworth, Essex

I was recommended to Dan at Sports and Spinal Physio by Dr Capildeo, following emergency surgery to replace two discs in my neck in October 2009. I cannot recommend Dan highly enough. I was not an easy patient as I was so scared to move and push myself after such invasive surgery and had also developed scar phobia which I didn’t think could be ‘cured’ at all. My sessions were intense not just with the exercises, but also the information and help Dan was able to give me about what my surgery had entailed, how the nerves worked, how my recovery would progress – he literally got me to learn how to properly stand, sit, safely exercise and I give him all the credit for getting me back to work – something I think at times I really thought wouldn’t be possible. Dan also totally cured the phobia about my scar which I thought I’d have to see someone else for. To have confidence in your therapist is so important, especially if you’re worried about recovery and damaging yourself further. I am thankfully now fit and well, but should I ever have any need for physiotherapy in the future, I would insist upon a recommendation to Dan.

Dr Lach Private GP, Brentwood Essex

I have experience working in the same clinic as Sports and Spinal Physio and have confidence in their assistance and care with patients.

Dr Purdie Private and NHS GP, Romford Essex

I refer due to the short waiting time to be seen. Sports and Spinal Physio provides me with excellent correspondence, effective advice and treatment.

Dr J Watson Private GP, Brentwood Essex

I refer to SSP as all patients get a good service in terms of quality of care and all round service. SSP look at the person as a whole both in assessing any other medical conditions they have and closely assessing their movement and gait.

Clive Young Brentwood Essex

I finished it (London Marathon)!! It took me a while though, Did it in 5.42 which seemed like forever. All was going well, did the first half in 2.28 which was pretty much on pace and felt good then all of a sudden at 17-18 miles my hamstrings and calf’s just gave up. Was a bit warmer than I had been training in too which didn’t help but I got there in the end and have a medal!! Everything aches, especially calf, hamstrings, shoulders and for some reason my left outer thigh… ! The main thing is that I did it, I am now looking to rest my legs for 4-6 weeks, I assume that is the thing to do with stretching and the strength exercises. I have given myself until the 1st of June and will then slowly build up some mileage again! When the official photos get released I will email some over to you if you. I would just like to say a big thank you for all your help and advice in the build up (I will do it again!).

Gill Pearson Essex

Dan quickly determined the cause of my severe head pain. Following initial hands on manipulation of my neck muscles, he devised a programme of exercises for me to follow. In addition to this, Dan was thorough in identifying the pain triggers from my daily lifestyle and has helped me to acknowledge and understand the need for small changes in my posture. Dan is caring and completely professional in his approach and I have every confidence in his treatment. I am glad to say that I am now virtually pain free, but I have no hesitation in returning to Dan for advice and occasional physiotherapy when the need arises. I certainly recommend his services.

J Jilly Essex

I have used Sports and Spinal Physio for two different conditions and both times have found them to be dedicated, knowledgeable and professional. As a slightly unfit and non-sporty person I wasn’t sure whether I was suitable for their services but on both occasions the treatment and advice was excellent and non-judgemental. As well as the high quality of treatment the location, equipment, parking and support services are all highly commended. I have no hesitation in recommending them, infact I have sent my own Mother to them!

Mr G Maclellen Orthopaedic Consultant, Brentwood Essex

I refer to SSP due to their specialist skills and equipment. Patients give a good response. SSP help me through good communication and treatment results. I find they provide a co-operative multidisciplinary services.

Steve Sharp, Essex

I was referred to Dan by Mr Gordon Maclellan of Nuffield Health Brentwood following an examination on an ankle injury caused by running. While it was not my primary intention to carry on running, Dan provided treatment and encouragement to continue. Unfortunately the prescribed treatment highlighted other injuries which Dan helped me to overcome. The key is to understand the cause and manner of injuries and better manage the problems. This is where Dan excels and provides very valuable guidance.

Rachel Farrant, Essex

Dan treated my 18 year old daughter during her rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury. His careful and considerate manner combined with very thorough and well planned physiotherapy contributed significantly to her rapid physical recovery. Dan managed to convey a light-hearted approach to tedious but vital exercises. When we first met Dan my daughter was unable to walk upstairs unaided, now she’s back ‘clubbing’ in high heels.

R Matyszczyk, Essex

I was referred to Dan for back pain and other symptoms, associated with MS. He has helped me greatly to continue to be mobile both through hands on therapy and an exercise programme. He has helped me understand how to better control my back pain and leg movements and the part core muscle stability plays in that. I would highly recommend his services (even if he is a Spurs fan!).

Lyn Tucker, Essex

I have recently become a patient of Dan Smith, in the first instance for Vertigo and latterly for a frozen shoulder, and in both instances I am extremely pleased with the results of my treatment. Parking is not an issue, I have never had to wait passed my appointment time to see Dan and his treatment of my problems has been very thorough and effective. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan Smith to any potential client and will, without hesitation, revisit his practice in the future if necessary.

J. Roberts, Hornchurch

I was referred to Dan last spring as my left leg and foot had become increasingly weaker after two Multiple Sclerosis (MS) attacks six months previous. I have always loved to exercise so I was keen to get back to the gym. Dan really helped by providing me over a three month period with lots of exercises and balance work to gradually increase the strength in my left side. The exercise program was great as I could follow it in the gym, home or in the garden with my two young sons. I now attend the gym two times a week and feel 95% back to my original strength, I am so pleased. I now see Dan every six months for an assessment to keep me well with MS.

Helen Bloom Rainham Essex

I have been seeing Dan since April 2009 for back problems and then for further physiotherapy following three shoulder operations. I Had seen three other physiotherapists prior to this that just did laser,ultrasound and acupuncture,which was of no use at all. I was recommended to have an operation on my back, but chose to see Dan instead (thanks to a referral from my neurologist Dr R Capildeo). Over the past 18 months due to his detailed assessment of me, a hands on approach and a lot of exercise I have improved immensely. I no longer require a walking stick, as he has retrained me to walk properly. I have no hesitation on recommending Dan, as without him my life would still be a complete mess.

Siobhan Carter, Essex

After many months of suffering with dizzy spells, headaches and numbness on the side of my face, I was referred to Dan for treatment on my neck by my neurologist. After very few visits to Dan I had a noticeable improvement with movement in my neck and my symptoms had reduced dramatically. I felt very confident with the treatment I was receiving and although my neck was stiff and painful Dan managed to relieve this with manual therapy and an exercise program which I am still doing. Dan always accommodated my need for late appointments due to my working commitments & I would not hesitate to recommend him, he is very professional and got to the root of the problem very quickly.

J Gordon Essex

Although it may feel like flying in the face of the gods, to tell you, but I have been very pleased that my head has been pretty well clear of even the smallest amount of dizziness for the past week and I have had no migraines for weeks now. Possibly your last “experimental” treatment did the trick.

M Union Essex

This is my second time using Sports and Spinal Physio and again they were professional, caring and extremely good. I have found the suggestions they have made and the exercises I have been prescribed really effective. The issues I have with my neck and shoulder have improved considerably and without their input I don’t think that would be the case. A big thank you to all the satff at Sports and Spinal Physio.

Rod Done, Essex

I am sure you will be pleased to know that the reason I have not been back to see you is because you did such a good job on by back and neck. My back is so much better and I am am taking your advice and treating it with more respect. I still exercise my back and watch my sitting posture. My neck is still a little stiff, but still has a good range of movement; I have not had any dizziness for some considerable while, but will not forget the Epley Manoeuvre. Thank you for all your help.

C Coppel Romford

Professional treatment service. Advice regarding exercise and posture to help prevent long term issues and bring about correction of problems was an essential part of every session and very useful. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone who has the need for sports or spinal assistance.

V Stanesby Essex

I’ve visited numerous physios over the years for treatment of my migraines and none have been able to help. Sports and Spinal Physio have been fantastic! They have help identified the cause of my symptoms and treated them accordingly; as a result my migraines are now vastly improved. I would not hesitate to recommend them!

Professor Findley Consultant Neurologist, Brentwood Essex

I refer to Sports and Spinal Physio as they are diagnostically very thorough, they provide comprehensive treatment …… they are diagnostically helpful in difficult clinical situations. Excellent feedback from my patients.

K Moore, Brentwood Essex

I was referred to Dan by Consultant Professor Findley for lower back pain and my gait. He has been patient and supportive in indentifying the causes of the pain, and in establishing a regime to address the pain and ultimately to improve my gait. I have great confidence in the expertise and practical assistance that Dan has provided to me. His patience and valued advice, which has always been frank and honest, has eased the tedium and burden of exercise and has helped me to remain positive in the many months involved in addressing my pain and movement.

Mr D Plev Consultant Neurosurgeon, London

I refer to Sports and Spinal Physio as they keep us updated on progress, have good availability and outcomes. They are different from other providers of physiotherapy because of the great intervention they provide

Dr V Mendis Consultant Pain Specialist, Brentwood

I refer/use SSP as they provide an efficient and professional well as feedback and progress of treatment. They provide excellent results…

Mr K David Consultant Neurosurgeon, Brentwood

I use SSP as I believe they provide a very good service to patients with spinal conditions including low back pain. Once I send patients to SSP I rarely hear back from the patients themselves!

R Marigold Essex

You achieved my expectations and I have just skied only 6 months following my ACL reconstruction. Well done and thank you, until next time!!

C Cox Shenfield Essex

I visited Sports and Spinal Physio with sciatica. My GP had told me to rest for a few weeks but due to my coaching commitments to a football team this was not an option. I needed treatment to get me back on my feet fast. They helped me to understand how my injury occurred and what I could do to prevent it in the future. I was back on my feet within the week and coaching in 2!

A Puri, Essex

I visited Sports and Spinal Physio after seriously damaging my knee, as a result I required surgery to fix an ACL rupture and torn cartilage (meniscus). With the excellent quality of service I received after both the initial injury and operation I made an excellent recovery. Without the experience, guidance and knowledgeable understanding that staff at Sports and Spinal Physio has, I would not have achieved the level of recovery that I have made. They provide a high emphasis on motivating and confidence building. I would truly recommend them if you need physiotherapy.

Jane Tadman, Essex

I first consulted Dan Smith of Sports and Spinal Physio in 2007 following years of back pain which had worsened over the previous three years. I had tried everything and was feeling miserable with the daily pain. I can honestly say that Dan has helped me understand and manage my pain. He showed me how to exercise the right muscles and his patience and expertise have been invaluable not only to my pain management, but also to my mental well-being. There is wear and tear in my spine so I won’t be cured but I am presently going through a good spell and feel more positive about the future. I feel I can control my pain now through regular and appropriate exercise, a suitable chair and regular breaks when sitting and driving.

Matt Phillips, Romford

The most impressive aspect of being treated by Dan was his enthusiasm to ensure that I understood both the nature and the causes of my injury. After several years of persistent shoulder pain caused by playing rugby, and several physio’s stating that rest was the only cure, Dan highlighted problems with both my posture and my shoulder control. Unfortunately the years of poor diagnosis meant that I required surgery, but I would like to note that without Dan’s help dealing with a private hospital’s surgeon, this may well have been missed again. Dan went out of his way to speak to the surgeon and insist he took a closer look at my MRI scan results and because of this, the problem was identified and repaired in surgery. Post-Operatively Dan guided me through lots of rehab, helping me to rebuild the strength in my shoulder, whilst correcting the underlying problems with my posture. Throughout this process Dan realised my intentions to return to playing rugby as quickly as possible, and helped me achieve this without compromising my long term health. Without a doubt, Dan will be the first person I call if I have any future problems.

Jacqui Lucas, Surrey

Dan of Sports and Spinal Physio is the first physiotherapist who has diagnosed the real cause of my lower back pain, instead of suggesting horse riding and the daily drive to work is to blame. During the initial consultation, Dan identified that my back pain was a result of excessive and uncontrolled lower back movement into certain directions. The course of treatment I received included specific exercises to improve my back stability and control of movement, in conjunction with hands on manipulation. He helped me to understand why I was in pain and recommended an exercise programme and subtle changes in posture to ensure my symptoms improved. The relief felt from proper diagnosis and treatment, which has alleviated and prevented the return of my symptoms, has been priceless.

Val Edwards-Smith, Hutton

I have suffered several years of back pain and at times it has been acute. I was referred to Dan by a consultant neurosurgeon in order that I could learn to manage my degenerative back condition and continue to run and keep fit. Dan has carried out a full assessment on my back. He has been able to identify the exact areas that I need to strengthen, to stabilise my spine, improve my posture and reduce my back pain. Dan has provided me with very a gentle but effective exercise regime that I can do at home as it fit’s in around my work and family. At times when I have felt disillusioned Dan has been very supportive and encouraged me to persevere, as a result my back pain has reduced. I have been able to start running short distances again and with Dan’s support I hope to run The London Marathon in 2012.

Martin Vine, Essex

Dan has been treating me for the past two years following operations to my shoulder and hip. When visiting other physiotherapists I always seemed to spend most of my time having ultrasound treatment. Dan is quite the opposite – very hands-on concentrating on careful manipulation supported by a regime of exercise. His approach has always been very professional and caring particularly in the selection of the correct exercises to aid my recovery and general well-being. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

J Ryan, Brentwood Essex

I first consulted Dan in November 2010, I was suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis as well as having problems with my IT band. I was planning to run the Brighton marathon in April 2011 and was due to start training around the middle of January. The thing that most impressed me about the treatment Dan gave me was that as well as helping me with exercises to rehabilitate the problems I was suffering from, he also identified the underlying bio-mechanical issues that were causing these problems and gave me a programme of exercises to help strengthen my core and my glute muscles. To prevent any recurrence of these injuries. I found Dan’s treatment to be excellent and with his help managed to get through my training without too much trouble and completed the marathon, which had originally looked as though it was quite unlikely to happen!

K O'Neil Essex

I was recently treated by Dan following a kneecap dislocation and fracture. When I was first referred to Dan by my consultant I was in a considerable amount of pain, limping heavily and lacking in confidence as I was frightened of tripping and damaging my knee again. Dan was very patient and caring. There were many exercises I couldn’t do due to the damage and pain to my knee but Dan would always find another way. Although I still have some pain, and walk with a slight limp, the improvement has been better than I expected, so much so that I have today been able to return to work after 4 months.

L Lou Essex

Nothing but good things to say about Sports and Spinal Physio and would definitely recommend their services to anyone. I saw Dan Smith who got me back to running and enabled me to complete the London Marathon, I would not have managed to run it without their help and advice – Thanks!

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