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Physiotherapy For Sports & Spinal Injuries

What is physiotherapy?

Physical TherapyPhysiotherapy at Sports and Spinal Physio is a combination of hands on techniques to loosen the stiff or tight bits and specific exercise drills to retrain the movements and muscles that are required to make you function and work better. In most cases you will require advice and education to help you understand your condition and equip you in your journey to better health. These are the vital ingredients required to get you out of pain, and back to what you love to do.

Our approach
At Sports and Spinal Physio we have our very own unique approach, we believe that pain is just the tip of the ice berg and that unless we get the bit under the water better you won’t make a full and lasting recovery. As such we use an advanced screening tool called the TPM Active™ to assess and treat you.

What to expect?
At Sports and Spinal Physio you will undergo a thorough assessment of your problem. During this time we will take a detailed history and conduct a comprehensive examination to establish the cause and diagnosis of your problem. We will then agree an appropriate treatment programme and provide you with a detailed ‘action plan’ and estimated recovery time so you know exactly what to expect.

Your physiotherapy treatment will include a combination of “hands on” techniques such as mobilisation, manipulation, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy in conjunction with a structured tailored exercise programme to improve posture, control of movement, core stability, muscle balance and strength. It is our aim to get you better faster and to prevent your problem coming back. Once your pain has settled and if you are keen to go beyond the resolution of pain we will discuss how we can prevent your pain from coming back and how we can help you to function and perform even better than before you injury (see our Injury prevention page).

At Sports and Spinal Physio we have strong links with local and London based hospital specialists. Should you fail to respond to your treatment we can confidently refer you on for further investigation and treatment to medical specialists that we trust.

Physiotherapy Treatments & Rehabilitation

We treat all types of pain and injury at Sports and Spinal Physio however we are experts when it comes to necks, backs and sports injuries.

Physiotherapy treatments are used to correct and rehabilitate the following problems:


  • All joint and muscular sporting injuries
  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Running injuries
  • Contact sports injuries (Rugby/football)
  • Exercise programme review and progression
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Shoulder injury


  • Back, neck and sciatic pain
  • Neck related headaches
  • Tension Type headaches / Migraines
  • Chronic pain and weakness
  • Work related back and neck pain
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
  • Injury following road traffic accidents – Whiplash


Some of the more common sports and spinal conditions can be found on our Conditions Page.

Remember Sports and Spinal Physio are covered by all the major medical insurance providers. Should you wish to use your medical insurance we will invoice on your behalf saving you the trouble of paying and claiming back. Should you be unsure if physiotherapy is what you need, why not take up the option of a Free Discovery Visit? This will allow us to see which of our services is best for you.

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