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Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Whether you are looking to manage and reduce pain or predict and prevent injury our TPM ™ Active screening tool is the thing for you!


For leisure. For sport. For life.

Whatever your age or background, TPM Active helps you do the activities you love and do them better

The TPM Active is an online screening tool that we use to assess you performing a series of specific movement tests to identify the impairments and faults that cause pain and injury recurrence. In addition the TPM Active can also identify weaknesses that are causing the body to underperform during a particular sporting activity. Finding these faults and weaknesses and then correcting them is the key to a healthy pain free body that offers great performance in which ever activity is required, be it walking to the shops or running in the Olympic 100 meter final.

What is a TPM Active Screen and how does it work?

After careful discussion to determine your problems, needs and goals we select the most appropriate TPM Active screen to suit you. The TPM Active Screen is a selection of movement based tests that you will be required to perform. Your performance will be assessed and rated by one of our trained TPM Active clinicians and inputted into the TPM Active software programme. This will generate a report which will show us where your problem areas are and provide us with information as to why these areas are causing or potentially going to cause you an issue. The report also provides a score out of 50. The lower the score the lower your risk.

What happens after my TPM Active screen?

Injury PreventionOnce your TPM Active screen is complete we will discuss the findings with you. Then taking into account your problems, needs and goals we will devise a plan of action creating both short and long term goals. Using the TPM active screen results we will decide which areas are your priorities and require your initial input. You will be provided with specific retraining exercise drills that address the issues identified during the screen. The retraining drills will be taught to you by one of our highly skilled clinicians. You will also have access to our extensive online retraining catalogue where you can access your retraining videos any time on your smart phone or tablet.

For more information on how the TPM Active ™ is used at our clinic see our approach page.

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