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Is weight the best way to measure success with diet and exercise?

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Is weight the best way to measure success with diet and exercise? How to Measure Success Measuring ‘Health’ is a multifactorial measure and simplifying it is extremely challenging. Historically measures such as BMI and Body Fat callipers have left a society where a number on the scales reflects both how healthy we are but also how we feel and look at ourselves. Sometimes improving our health is about finding a measure that suits our mental and physical health and takes us away from the scales which have been proven to be an unpredictable measure.    Other measures of health like those below are all suitable measures but can be more appropriate for different people and different stages of their health journey.   Measure Pro’s Con’s Frequency of Testing Body Weight Quick and Easy Relatively cheap Compatible with most dietary...

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Disc Herniation and IDD Therapy – Case study!

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Fred first came to our clinic in August 2021 complaining of lower back and left lower limb symptoms due to a low lumbar disc herniation with nerve root impingement at L5/S1 level. At only 33, he already has a longstanding history of back problems which he particularly associated with prolong sitting, driving, bending and lifting. Although he has tried multiple type of interventions, nothing seemed to help on the long run; in part, this was due to his work which involves a lot of sitting, driving and lifting.     His main goal at the time was to return back to training in the gym, reduce his pain, if possible, prevent any future recurrence and all together build up more confidence regarding moving and using his lower back. After a few discussions we decide that the best course of...

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You only get out what you put in!

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Physiotherapy is defined as the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery. However, recovery time can vary from condition to condition and person to person and although we all wish our injuries would disappear with a night’s sleep and a good meal, it is often not the case. Rehabilitation is a complex multifactorial process and understanding some of the factors surrounding recovery and Physiotherapy prescribed treatments can lead to a much-improved mindset and expectations.         (credit @adammeakins) Arguably the most important element of Physiotherapy that directly correlates to full recovery is exercise and movement. Put simply 30 minutes a week of only hands of therapy (Approximately one treatment session with a therapist) is unlikely to have any lasting influence on your body...

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5 Key Points for a Healthy, Home Working Environment

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5 Key Points for a Healthy, home working environment Make up for lost steps Take a break from the digital world Be a creature of good habits Set up to last Take on new opportunities   1 – Make up for lost steps Keeping moving is one of the most essential parts of being a life-long healthy human being. For most of us working from home means a much shorter commute to the office. Unfortunately this also means less movement.    Sitting or standing for hours a day can lead to a significant amount of stress on the muscles and joints of the body and as such can increase the likelihood of developing neck and back pain.   Regularly standing up and getting in some steps is an easy, cheap and not time consuming exercise, proven to help improve...

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Why Do I Keep Getting Injured?

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Ever wondered why you keep getting injured? More often than not, pain and injury comes out of nowhere and as much as you scratch you head looking for reasons you just cant find one.. We call these insidious onset injuries or spontaneous injuries, as a opposed to traumatic (which may instead result from a fall or motor vehicle accident). To understand why and how these insidious injuries occur we must take a look at a concept known as load tolerance. The phrase “load tolerance” is something that you will hear frequently used in our physiotherapy clinic. But what does it really mean? Load tolerance is determined by two factors , the “load” and the “tissue capacity”. The load (or Loading) refers to the demand placed on the body, it is the intensity of the task that we are doing,...

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