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Guest reviews are important to us for several reasons. They help us to appreciate what our clients think of our service. They also help to strengthen our status on the web. If you would like to hear what others are saying about us or would like to write a review please click one of the links below to access our page on the review website. In addition, there is a short video and some written examples of what past patients have said below.
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J C Sanders Essex

Following major spinal surgery, Sports and Spinal Physio was an integral part of the medical team that helped me extend my career. Without their first class post operative professional care and expertise I would not have achieved my goal of returning to work. I cannot praise them highly enough.

A Ridgewell Essex

I would whole heartedly recommend Sports and Spinal Physio to others looking for a physiotherapy clinic. They provide an excellent professional service. My GP recommended I see them after suffering with ongoing shin pain whilst preparing for the London Marathon. I was keen to resolve this problem and the physio Dan Smith devised a realistic treatment plan of exercises and suggested I see his colleague Ian Griffiths who conducted a detailed gait analysis and the provided me with orthotics. I had ongoing treatment sessions with Dan and I am please to say recovered in time to pound those 26.2 miles. Thanks you Sports and Spinal Physio!

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Sports and Spinal Physio

Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd
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5 out of 5 stars

Deborah Rideout
Deborah Rideout

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

Very good, would recommend using them! I have had a bulging disc in my back for almost 2 years now which causes me pain most days with sciatica on and off, I tried 2 different physio places and saw 3 different physiotherapists before finding Sports and Spinal physio! All the other people I saw would try and focus on the pain that I was in at the time and would give me acupuncture on just the area which only ever caused me temporary pain relief. After seeing Dan I would recommend this place 100%. They focus on managing the problem long term and strengthening muscles which has really helped my back and reduced the amount of pain I am in so I can still carry out normal daily tasks now with ease! 🙂

Georgina Wiltshire
Georgina Wiltshire

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Having had lower back issues since my teens, i have seen numerous therapists previously who have purely worked on the symptoms but then they have reoccured many times. Eventually i was told to take it easy with my back by a private specialist otherwise it would progressively get worse - very sad as i am only in my forties. When my last episode started i researched and decided to try the Sports and Spinal Physio Team as all the reviews looked outstanding (i have to admit this made me a little dubious as to whether they were true., as there were so many great reviews) Nether the less i have been having sessions with Scott Cook for approx 10 weeks and i have to say for the first time in over a decade i am pain free during the day and most nights. The philosophy is totally different to anything i have previously experienced, instead of treating the symptoms, they help you to strengthen the surrounding areas as well as the legs too, so not as much pressure is being put on the problem area. The deep muscles in the back area are gradually strengthened through small but tough exercises and i have been encouraged to have a more positive attitude by discussing my back issues with Scott and gaining the strength and confidence back to be able to tackle anything i wish. I feel totally transformed and wish i had found them many years before. THANK YOU Scott! for giving me my life back and the ability to know that I CAN do anything! 10/10 dovefamily dovefamily

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

I have Been using Sports & Spinal Physio for many years for Defferant Problem's, they always resolve any issues I have. Would highly recommend

Margaret Nicol
Margaret Nicol

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I have been lucky enough to see Dan for the last few months and he helped initially with an achilles problem, he also did remedial work on an old knee injury and lastly helped resolve a painful shoulder. During my treatment time he has worked closely with my trainer to ensure I was working efficiently and safely and really took time going through the home exercises too. Have already recommended him to friends - he is very friendly and professional and I would have no hesitation in going back to him in the future!

Arun Khosla
Arun Khosla

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

I've been seeing Scott Cook for a neck and shoulder problem, and can't recommend him highly enough! My neck pain has pretty much gone, I've been educated in how to maintain it and prevent it coming back, and he's worked with me to tailor exercises to allow me still continue with my hobbies. If you're after physiotherapy where someone genuinely wants to help you get better, go see Scott.

I've seen Claire and Lucy for massage therapy too here, all in all a fantastic team, and a very well run clinic.

Sports and Spinal Physio LTD is rated 4.96 stars by based on 55 merchant reviews

4.96 / 5 Rating
55 Reviews
I have had lower back problems since 2002 when I was informed by my GP that I had slipped a disc. Since I have had a great deal of physio, 2 years with a chiropractor, and after two very dehabilitating relapses two RF cooled denervation operations. By good fortune one of my consultants recommended Dan Smith to me as I was still left with 20% of my pain. Dan was extremely thourough and whats more he really listened to what I had to say. My treatment went through many twists and turns. I learnt about the function of pain which was useful and I enjoyed a positive feeling that we would be eventally be successful. By his recommendation, endorsed by my GP, I am now on nerve pain medication. Through my long journey no doctor had ever mentioned this option so I am extremely grateful to Dan for his knowledge and his professionalism to take the time and trouble to understand my pain source and eventualy get to the root cause of my problem. Quality of life for me is much improved and I believe Dan has put me on the path of a relatively pain free future which I never thought would be on offer. I would recommend Dan without any doubt and he thoroughly deserves a 5 star rating.
I initially contacted Dan with a view to IDD therapy, but after an initial consultation and MRI results, Dan concluded the best course of action to deal with more than one degenerating disc in my lower back was an excersize regime designed to strengthen my back, improve rotation control and posture. So first impressions were very good as I didn't feel I was being bounced into a more expensive course of treatment that wasn't necessarily the right thing for me. Started an excersize programme with Lucy, with reviews every 2 weeks, then monthly when the excersizes were tweaked each time to increase the challenge to work on my weaknesses. Also had a couple of TPM assessments to monitor my progress along the way. Found Lucy to be very knowledgable, encouraging and thorough (read: lets you get away with nothing!). I've now incorporated some of the excersizes into my warm up and cool down routine before and after sports activities. Overall highly impressed and I now have far greater awareness of what I need to do to keep my back in decent working order. Like the addition of the new excersize room complete with mirrors, wall mounted equipment and tv, just add some mood lighting and it could also be known as Dans S&M dungeon! Certainly recommend these guys to anyone who's prepared to commit to the excersize programme set to achieve the desired results.
I strained my lower back and was in serious pain with restricted movement. A friend recommended Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd. Within 6 weeks, conscientiously doing the prescribed exercises, I was fully recovered. I maintain the regime at least once a week and have no further problems. I was very satisfied with the professional and friendly attitude, Sue Wilson

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